A surprise gift

I received a surprise gift this week.

Ted, the lovely man who has been decorating my house, noticed my knitting things lying around.  His mum had been a knitter and he gave me a bag of her sadly no-longer-needed knitting patterns.

There are no dates on them, but they seem to date from the 1950s to the 1980s.  Judging from her pattern collection, Ted’s mum was a very accomplished knitter who was totally up for the challenge of knitting a complex Aran sweater.


It stuck me that virtually all of the patterns were for sweaters or other ambitious projects.  There weren’t many “instant gratification” patterns such as small accessories, other than patterns for babies and children.  She was providing clothes for her and her family.  Ted said that the things she made would last for years.

It’s a fantastic treasure trove of information and ideas (as well as some comedy photography).  I will enjoy looking through and using this surprise gift and I hope that Ted’s mum would have been pleased to know that her pattern collection will still be enjoyed.

Maybe one day I’ll knit an Aran sweater… 🙂

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