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Reflecting on Me Made May 2017

Me Made May 2017 is drawing to a close, and I’ve been reflecting on how it’s been.  It’s the second year I’ve taken part.  At the start of May I pledged to wear me-made clothing as often as I could … Continue reading

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Getting started in natural dyeing: daffodil yarn!

As a keen gardener as well as a knitter, I am fascinated by the potential in plants to create colour in yarn and fabric.  Last year, I attended a one-day class on natural dyeing with plant based dyes, given by … Continue reading

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I want my hat back: a knitter’s tale of love and loss

It’s been a chilly January in the UK, and on colder days I’ve felt a nagging sense of loss for my alpaca handknit hat. I made it in January 2016.  It was the Chester Basin hat, designed by Fiona Alice.  … Continue reading

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What you write when your brain can’t handle a review of the year

2016 has  been a strange year.  That’s putting it mildly, with global events that many of us thought “could never happen” turning out to be the things we hadn’t realised that many of our neighbours actually wanted. There have been … Continue reading

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Yarn in the City Pop-Up Marketplace tomorrow in London!

If you are out and about in London tomorrow (Saturday 5 September 2015), beware the knitters!  120 knitters and crocheters will be out and about around the city on the Great London Yarn Crawl.  This will be my third time … Continue reading

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Rest and be thankful: gratitude

(Mosaic floor at the National Gallery, London.) A few years ago I started keeping a very informal gratitude journal.  Life was feeling a bit tough, and I’d read that making time to be aware of things you are grateful for could … Continue reading

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Beyond ducklings and pantomime sisters: the risks of ugly

In April,  I’ve been taking part in the Love Your Blog Challenge, hosted by A Playful Day, which has seen me taking a weekly theme as the prompt for a blog post.  I’m really enjoying taking part, and particularly reading … Continue reading

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How does a knitter begin? False starts and true beginnings.

This post is my interpretation of the theme for week two of the A Playful Day Love Your Blog Challenge, which is “Beginnings”.  You can find out more about the challenge here. How to begin, when pondering beginnings?  One of … Continue reading

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Finding my feet and reaching out: new blogging challenges

“Sing like there’s nobody listening” This quote (variously attributed to Susanna Clark and Richard Leigh, William Purkey, Mark Twain and Satchel Paige) hangs on my friend’s kitchen wall.  I love the sentiment behind it, of committing to a whole-hearted performance, uninhibited … Continue reading

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Fear of missing out (and how even the knitting events you can’t attend might still bring you joy)

Fear of missing out (“FoMO”) is the fear that you’re missing out on fun and rewarding interactions and experiences that other people are having.  Apparently we all have different factors which might cause us to experience FoMO to varying degrees … Continue reading

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